Festival Breakdown

Take a deep dive into a wide variety of fermentation topics with these hour-long classes, taught by some of the Sunshine State’s most respect food producers and microbe enthusiasts!



We’ll explore how the cultures of local food, fermentation, and environmental sustainability can intersect and collaborate to build better communities and a more resilient world.




Explore and enjoy delicious fermented food and drink from around the state. Check back soon for vendor announcement.


The fine folks at Sailfish Brewing Co have put together a tasting area of epic proportions! Sample beers from around the state, visit with the men and women behind the brews, and dive into the Sunshine State's craft beer renaissance! Participating breweries will to be announced soon!

All fest participants over the age of 21 will have access to the brew garden. You heard that right. Free beer for all!


There’s nothing quite like fermenting in community to transform a big pile of veggies into something magical. Throughout the day will be offering opportunities to come together and make a giant batch of pickles, which participants can take home, ferment, and enjoy!



Want to share your homemade kraut with fellow fermentos? Do you home brew kombucha? Make miso? Got some super starters to share with the world? Bring your fermented creations and starter cultures and sample many others at the Fest's culture share for all the world to see. (Well, the microbial world anyway.) 


Want to share your best kraut? Do you home brew kombucha? Got a super sourdough bread to share with our judges? Bring it on at the Fest's ferment competition. Categories include vegetable ferments, alcohol ferments, bread and beverages (non alcoholic). Just bring a clearly labeled sample of your ferment with enough for 3 judges to have a taste. When you arrive, you will fill out a form about your submission and hand it over to the judges!





We're celebrating what is sure to be an incredible day with an epic feast! After you've spent the day filling your head with knowledge, head to the farm’s restaurant at 6pm to fill your belly with treats! The Feast features beer brewed by Sailfish Brewing Co and other local breweries, and a delicious menu by Ground Floor Farm. Expect sourdough pizzas and creative salads, all highlighting the art and craft of fermentation. 

We have a limited number of tickets for the Feast, so be sure to reserve your spot today!

VIP Workshops

On top of all the amazing on offer at the fest, we're also including two VIP workshops to choose from. Both workshops will take place at the farm on Saturday from 9am-12pm, right before the fest kicks off. Space is EXTREMELY LIMITED, so book your spot today!

Filling the Carboy: Mead and Brews

Jennifer Holmes

Learn to make mead, the ancient alcoholic brew made from the original nectar of the gods- honey! Sit back and relax as we discuss, brew, and taste, from whatever our imagination and recipes can conjure. We will discuss technical aspects, ingredients both from the Lab and wild/foraged.  Aging, technique, trouble shooting, and more will all be covered. 

This workshop is appropriate for beginners or experienced brewers. Bring your Mazer, your Mether, your Ale Horn, your stories, and enthusiasm for brewing. If you have a brew you'd like to share and have an opinion from a Mead Judge, please bring some along. 

Fermenting Beans: Making Miso and Tempeh

Sarah Arrazola

In this three hour workshop, you will learn the basics of fermenting  tempeh and miso, perhaps two of the most prominent Asian ferments that have permeated western culture. These ferments require very different time frames. While tempeh generally runs its course from 18 to 36 hours, miso can ferment for several months, even years. For this particular workshop, we will demonstrate using non-soy beans. We will use the spore Rhizopus Oligosporus, the spore required to inoculate the beans for tempeh, and koji (Aspergillus Oryzae), the fungus used to create miso. Both miso and tempeh are great examples showing how something as simple as a bean can transform into exceptionally tasty ferments. You will be equipped with knowledge from the class, a set of tempeh and miso making instructions, plus both sets of spores to get you started at home.