Celebrate fermentation in the sunshine state 

Saturday november 11th, 2017

ground floor farm

The event features special guests Kirsten and Christopher Shockey and Tara Whitsitt, as well as amazing practitioners from around the state! Activities include workshops, panel discussions, vendor market, kraut share, and lots of fermento comaraderie!





Kirsten + CHristopher Shockey

tara Whitsitt

Check back soon for details on all the amazing participants!

Festival Breakdown

The first annual Florida Fermentation Fest will take place on Saturday, November 11th, 2017 at Ground Floor Farm in Stuart, FL.


The event will feature workshops, lectures, demos, and panel discussions geared towards fermentation enthusiasts and food professionals. In addition to all the amazing education, you can also enjoy a giant fermentation-focused vendor market, brew garden, kraut share, and a fabulous feast!


My mozzarella is your natto

We are what we (don’t) eat. Kirsten and Christopher Shockey will take you on a culinary journey through the world’s cultures and fermented food ways, highlighting regions whose climates mimic our own here in South Florida.

Keynote Address

5-6pm | Main Hall


Check back soon for the full lineup!

VIP Workshops

On top of all the amazing on offer at the fest, we're also including two VIP workshops to choose from. Both workshops will take place at the farm on Saturday from 9am-12pm, right before the fest kicks off. Space is EXTREMELY LIMITED, so book your spot today!

Make Achar: Sun Pickles from the Indian Subcontinent

These pickles are very different from the brine-drenched ferments that most folks are familiar with. In fact, they sit in the sun, proudly fermenting in a fairly dry mix of spices, ground mustard, and oil. You will understand this unique type of fermentation and learn how you can make flavorful pickled condiments for any vegetable you can think of, from whole chiles to green beans and radishes. You will taste the flavors of achar and make your very own batch to take home to ferment using seasonally available vegetables.

Workshop A

Kirsten + Christopher Shockey

Starter Cultures and Botanicals in Fermentation

Explore starter cultures in fermentation – their histories and the delicious, nourishing foods they create. All starter cultures, just like the backslopping sauerkraut brine, are originally sourced from nature. Fermentation is a testament to the deep intelligence of age-old processes, the wonders of collaboration with nature, and the eagerness of microorganisms to thrive. How can we integrate this knowledge into our fermentation practice to discover unique recipes and spur traditions of our own? Experience some tasty creations, go home with starter culture samples from the Fermentation on Wheels bus, collected from across the county, to play with at home, and learn how to work with local plants to encourage fermentation.

Workshop B

Tara Whitsitt